Photo Booth at the Wedding

As we all know over the last few years photo booth has become a very popular addition to weddings. If you are still deciding whether having a photo booth at your wedding is a good idea. That’s a few reasons why I think having a photo booth is an absolute must to have at every wedding!
First and the most important reason…it’s FUN!

wedding guests having fun

Everyone just love to be a bit silly and a wedding photo booth gives guests that chance to show their fun side of personality without being judged. Having a lot of props lets the creativity go crazy and helps to create the best memories. It’s not only great fun on the day, but people will talk about it for weeks after your special event. You will see that your wedding day goes really quick and that will just make it last a little bit longer!

Not everyone was born to dance, so to make sure your guests are not bored. Having a photo booth should help to keep them entertained. No matter what their age they will love it!

It’s all about the fun and memories.
Its almost impossible for your wedding photographer to take photos of all your guests, so to make sure you will have a photo of each of them, the booth is the only solution!

Obviously the photo booth can only fit a few people at a time, so there will be times when your guests will have to queue for a few minutes before their turn. That creates a great opportunity for them to chat and socialise. In most cases your guests will get into the photo booth several times, so while they queue they will share their experiences and give each other ideas for the next photo! Photo Booth also gives them freedom when they are being photographed and they can be as silly as they want which creates the best memories, you will cherish.

bride and groom kissingEvery wedding is different and every photo booth is different.
When you book yours it will come with many props, but to ensure you get the most out of it. You can bring some of your own! Personalise your booth, anything can be a prop, ANYTHING! Its also a good idea to have the photo booth near the bar, guests will be thirsty while waiting for their turn

Small things makes a difference, share your thoughts with the photo booth company and ask for advice. Customise your backdrop to match your wedding theme. Make it unique by doing it yourself, your guests will appreciate your effort!

Your guests will absolutely love.

girl posing in front of the booth at asiana exhibition in london

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