Intimate couple shoot


This time we want to show you something way different than on daily basis. We have been asked to do an intimate couple session for Ewel and Radek. And they were both almost nude. Yes, us, wedding and lifestyle photographers did a sensual session in the sea. That was a whole new adventure which for us was extremely new experience.

So, starting from the very beginning. Ewel and Radek and their story, which is so long and reach that we could easly write a book or two. Or we could make a long film. This film would have ups and downs. But the story remains as a secret. As well as most of the images created at that particular shoot. Sharing with you only those images which couple was happy to post.

“Zibi come, come quick. Let’s go! Sun is almost setting down! Let’s do it now!” – wow, this was the words Ewel shouted to start the shoot. It wasn’t really planned. Wasn’t possed at all. All natural, spontaneous.

We would like to ask you for honest feedback about this particular shoot. What do you like? How do you think such a challenge shall be shown? And how to create something special while you are way outside your comfort zone. Well, Ewel and Radek are happy with the results. We are happy too. Scroll down and have a look. Hope you like it.

It’s people who created stories

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