Booking your wedding photographer to receiving your wedding images, everything explained.

Couples are often confused about the process of booking a London wedding photographer, how the photographer works on their wedding day, how the photographs are stored, choosing the photographs for their wedding album, how fast will they receive their photographs and how can they use them. We thought it might be useful to share how we do things our way. Every London wedding photographer will have their own way, but this is what we have found works best for us.


Most couples contact us by email, but we also receive enquiries from messages via Facebook page, DM’s via our Instagram account and by telephone. We always respond to all enquiries within few hours. In the first instance we will confirm if we are available and point the couple towards our website, so they can view what our wedding photography package options are and so they can read some testimonials from previous couples.


Once couple has come back to us, we offer them the option of a consultation. When we first started photography we would meet with every couple and explain how we photograph a wedding. Nowadays most couples seem to prefer to do everything by telephone and email, so generally we do a telephone/skype consultation instead. We think it’s important to have at least quick chat with the couple about how we do things to make sure that they are 100% happy with everything.


We often get asked if we can hold a date, unfortunately this is something we can not offer. We often get multiple enquiries for the same day. We operate on a first come first served basis.


Before we can confirm a booking, we ask our couples to complete a booking form and pay a deposit . The booking form is important for ur. It holds all the informations we need. For deposit payments we prefer bank transfer/credit card as the methods of payment. Once we have received the payment, we will send a receipt by email and the date is booked, woohoo!


Unless the couple has also booked an engagement shoot, nothing really happens for next sometime. We are always on hand and happy to help if the couple needs us. We always encourage our couples to contact us if we can help with anything, sometimes they will come back and ask us to recommend other wedding suppliers which we are always happy to do.

Most of our couples book wedding photographer well in advance of the date of the wedding, so normally there would be quite a long period of time between making your booking and the next step.


We like to be as flexible as possible when it comes to payment, so we only ask our couples to make their balance payment four weeks before the date of their wedding to try and allow them as much time as possible.


Around one week before the wedding day we will contact the bride as we will be starting the day of her getting ready. We will have a quick chat to confirm all the details so we can put a plan together at our end for when everything is happening. A day before the wedding we will send the bride a quick message confirming the exact address where she is getting ready together with our arrival time in case of any last minute amendments.


There are of course lots of photographs taken: getting ready, ceremony, portraits, group shots, couple shoot and of course all natural images taken thru the day. We always offer our couples the option of us doing another quick session with them later on in the evening. Late night shots are great! There is always some time between the dinner and the first dance. So let’s discuss it and plan ahead.


Once we return from a wedding all of the photographs are backed up three times and stored in two different locations. The memory cards we used during your wedding are also stored separately. We will not use them again, until all of your photographs are ready to be delivered to you. There is as well cloud online backup just in case.


All of the photos from your wedding will go through a culling process. This is where we delete any photographs that won’t make the cut in terms of what we provide to you. Once the images have been culled, we have our own process for editing to get the images to fit with our style. We prefer natural, real photographs. We love vivid colours and black and white images as well.

Once all the images have been edited, we prepare your secured online gallery and a slide show. Yes, that’s why we were asking for your favorite song.

In terms of timescales from when we photograph your wedding until we provide you with your images our normal turnaround time is within four to eight weeks.


Wedding albums we provide are put together with the idea of telling the full story of your wedding day. Couples can sometimes want to just include their favourite photographs but this can result in the album just becoming a normal photo book rather than a story book. This is the reason why we are offering the design of the wedding album. Once you have confirmed that you are happy with the design, we place the order with our supplier.


When we provide photographs to our couples, we licence them for their own unlimited personal use. We always provide high resolution files, so that you can have your wedding album, prints or canvases made wherever you prefer.

We hope above article gives you an idea what is happening with your photos, how we work and what we do to provide you with the set of wedding images you will LOVE.

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