I am the front man, the photographer but never ‘the boss’. I am the one who will answer your phone call and meet you for coffee. My full name is ‘Zbigniew’, I know, it is hard to pronounce and even harder to remember. That’s why since 2003 I have this cool nickname Zibi. You need to know, that I haven’t been born with a camera in my hand, but cameras are with me since I remember. I always carry with me a bag contain solid dose of humour.

I am married to Karolina and we have two beautiful girls, Pola and Wera. Those three ladies rule my world 100%. No questions asked!

Once I photograph my first wedding I knew something new started. Something which will not last only for sometime. Since that time, I love to capture humans, happiness and emotions. I do same with my family photographs, which for me are the most important.


Creative director of the band, ‘the boss‘, who’s got an eye for detail and loves those awesome moments. She is more patient than Zibi and crazy about framing. She just adore black & white images and wish to shoot once all wedding in that style.

From the passion to family and great portray she is running family photography side and have fun at the weddings with Zibi. She loves candid photography and always enrich the photographs with emotions and action. Karolina is also second photographer to Zibi at weddings and events.

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